Analytics Assessment

Do you feel like your data and analytics projects are going nowhere when they should be going forward? Every organization has it own set of unique data needs and that is where our creative experiences becomes and invaluable partner to your projects.

  • Duration

    1 to 8 weeks

  • Category


  • Process

    Discovery, Mockups

  • Output

    Creative, Plan, Proposal

Ever notice when you bring in the big consulting companies that claim to be "analytics experts", that they all seem to be from the same cookie cutter? They all market their special methodology and herd of consultants will come in and study your business and create hundred-page specs and slide after slide of PowerPoints. And what do you get? More meetings and documents that are stored on your file server and forgotten. Because this isn’t our first rodeo, we can bring our creative experiences to bare and turn your data into a competitive asset.

This is completely a fresh approach to your data processes. Using our copyrighted and repeatable process, we can assess and design a creative data solution that is unique and impacting to your business. In this engagement, we work with your teams to map out the current business needs, technical requirements, as well as review, identify and prioritize corporate objectives. At the end of these assessments, we provide you with creative and a roadmap on how to move forward and to move forward quickly.

You need a roadmap to plan your journey.

You hired a brand name consulting company to design and build your dashboards and you’re underwhelmed. We can fix that easily.