Creative Data Services

From the data analyst to the department directors, from the department directors to your executives, from your executives to your investors, we care most about telling the story with your data in the most creative and compelling way imaginable.

  • Duration

    1 to 8 weeks

  • Category


  • Process

    Discovery, Creative

  • Output

    Styles, Plan, Proposal

Why do all your analytics look like a box of crayons? That is because you have developers and analyst’s building your dashboards that are not experienced in the design and interaction, only reporting it. There is a big difference and a need. Who couldn’t use some assistance in bringing out the best in their data they have and have it easily understandable.

Discovery: Understanding your business at an intricate level leads to more informed, creative decision making. Our examination helps to gain insights toward interpreting your inspirations and success criteria involving user profiling, process modeling and requirements gathering.

Ideation: Inspiration ignites and exciting ideas arise. We offer a more inclusive experience where we shape business strategy as well as user experience through deeper investigation of data design. This phase consists of conceptualization, scenario development, process design and interface design.

Creation: Innovation distinguishes between good companies to great companies. Your unique business story comes to life through interaction and real experience through your data. This phase involves medium and high fidelity and functional prototypes and a roadmap for moving forward.

Everyone needs a plan to move forward

We created our studio because there was a need to use a creative design process in helping companies get better insights outside of using traditional methods.