Dashboard Services

We know for a fact that your dashboards look like a box of crayons. That's because you have a developer or a consultant who is not experienced in the way of user interaction experiences.

  • Duration

    1 week to 6 months

  • Category


  • Process

    Design, Development

  • Output

    Dashboards, Data Updates

Here’s the deal. You commissioned a dashboard project and even though you got dashboards, the colors and pie charts don’t seem match. You can’t follow the story in the data and heck, you don’t even know when the last time the data was updated. And to top it off, it doesn’t seem like the end-users of the dashboards are even looking at them! My favorite is, “we have 500 people in this org and we have 3,500 reports!”.

Ummm, yeah. You’ve got problems…

We don’t just put a blue bar chart and a green line chart onto a dashboard and call it good. We have a philosophy and process to designing and building dashboards that is totally different than any firm you have used. We have certain design, data and business objectives that need to be met before a dashboard can be commissioned. We are fluent in many dashboard products like Microsoft, Tableau, Amazon and others. We can also create custom developed analytics solutions too.

We understand story telling with your data

Seriously, we have crayons that color coordinate and a team that can make your data story sing.