Data Innovations

We truly are a unique services company – we focus on the essence of bringing the creative understanding out of the data. Our founder created one of the very first consulting firms focusing on dashboards that were infographic quality.

  • Duration

    2 weeks to 6 months

  • Category


  • Process

    Demo, Prototypes

  • Output

    Functional App, Proposal

Our company is staffed with individuals that have brought all kinds of dashboard and analytics products to market for companies like Microsoft, Tableau, SAP, SAS and many others. These people are experts in taking data ideas and designing and creating complete software solutions. You will not find this kind of expertise in any kind of consulting firm.

Ideation: Whether you're building software product for customers, building analytics into your app or supporting a new I.T. effort, we can bring our data innovation experiences to your business. We work with businesses of all sizes from startups, mid-size companies to global corporations. We bring our creative data skills to their projects so they can get the most out of their efforts for less risk.

Development: As a team transitions from design into development, we shift focus to practical details and our development teams will work in an agile process. We don’t get lost in the details because of the experience of our teams. We believe you’ll be surprised on how fast we can actually bring your ideas to reality.

Marketing: Most marketing people don’t even know their own products. Product marketing is not about putting up a web page and posting a bunch of social media posts about it. It is much more than that. It is a known process of building momentum behind your idea and building a roadmap of communication to influencers and your potential customers. We’re good it at because we have built and marketed software globally.

Everyone needs a plan to move forward

We have proven methods in helping you get “unstuck” in bringing your analytics product to market.